Ipsy f0r September


The first Ipsy post of the fall season is here & it’s…just like all the others? Actually a little different? You’ll have to read on if you wanna see what’s in this month’s Glam Bag:

The bag & the mix

Loving this bag & the snap-envelope style they’ve gone with the past two months ^ idk if they’re switching to this permanently or just happened to change them up back to back. The pattern is cute too & of course, I adore the yellow inside! The assortment of products though…not so impressed by. I’m not sure what makes Ipsy think I need a makeup sponge & I’m pretty sure the category I told them never to send me stuff from was eyebrows, so how did I end up with that gel? Mhm. Let’s have a closer look:

Araceli Beauty bella sponge in black

Maybe I can press in an overly-powdery highlighter that I have with this ^ I’ll try to find some use for it cause it seems decently soft & I do like that it’s black. Size is nice too!

IBY Beauty carry on eyeshadow duo in glamping & first class

I feel like I’ve received this exact duo before, but it’s probably just because I always get these golden/bronze shades ^ thanks Ipsy…

LES Beauty full tinted brow gel in dark brown

Again, idek how they were able to send me this product since I basically banned them from sending me any brow products ^ they told me I could choose 1 category to never receive & that’s what I picked. I just don’t understand how this could’ve end up in my bag, but it should be my shade. I’ll try it?

Bombee pore ampoule honey mask & Bombee pepta ampoule honey mask duo

Everyone loves a good sheet mask, right? ^ I’m excited to try these honey ones with Justin. I always like that they give you two or more whenever they’re included in the Glam Bag. Either able to be shared or used again (:

Tatcha the rice wash

They didn’t really have a lot (or anything good IMO) to choose from at the end of last month, so I picked something from a brand I knew was kind of pricey & would come in a decently sized sample ^ hopefully it’s a good face wash. I know a lot of people rave about this & other Tatcha products, so I’m excited!

That’s all I got for September’s Ipsy. I didn’t add anything on for once. Although, I did order a few of the “refreshments” that have yet to arrive. I’ll be trying out their unscented body cream to hopefully not irritate my legs after shaving. I also bought a few 1-time items like the comb, pillowcase, and headband. They were pretty cute & inexpensive, so I’m looking forward to getting everything. I guess I’ll either have that be a post on its own or add it all to my October Ipsy post. Anyways, thanks for stopping by & taking the time to read today. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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