September fav0rites


I didn’t realize how few photos I’d actually taken this month, so I do apologize for how short this favorites post will be, but we’ve been so busy with work & wedding planning lately that unfortunately our fall hasn’t had quite the kickstart we’d hoped for. Here’s to October being much more full of autumnal goodness & activities as per usual! Enjoy:

Food & drink

I saw these Tea Drops advertised to me on Instagram & thought I’d give them a try ^ they actually ended up sending me the variety pack twice (even though I only ordered one), but they aren’t that great. The idea is nice though- super simple & easy to make if you don’t like the time consuming task of making a loose leaf cup of tea regularly. They just do leave quite a bit of sediment in your cup & it doesn’t settle enough to the bottom to make it pleasantly drinkable (at least in my opinion). Our meal at Sedona Taphouse for Justin’s belated birthday celebration with his family was obviously delicious & dessert as well! My new favorite Subway order is their spinach wrap with a veggie patty & mozzarella cheese, all my typical veggie toppings + oil/vinegar, and of course oregano & black pepper to top it off. Yum! If you haven’t tried Dunkin’s new fall season refresher: the apple cranberry one, you need to RIGHT NOW. You will want to have one every single day…cause I have since the first one I had (:

Other faves

Everything else is getting lumped into this category cause there really isn’t much else ^ I finally put the new glass eye hanging up in our front window & moved the beaded cloud to the back door. I think they look so much nicer in this positioning! We went to Michael’s for purple ribbon & a hole punch, and came out with a bunch of autumn/Halloween decor lol who wouldn’t? Justin gave me one of my birthday gifts early: this Blue Tansy mask from Herbivore. I saw Alexandria got it in a subscription box & it sounded super intriguing, so I had to try it! I’m wearing it while I’m blogging this (:

Had to add in that birth totem blurb cause my birthday is almost here & isn’t it dope? Def look yours up if you don’t already know it. Let me know some of your attributes in the comments? It’s always cool to me to see those results & I adore chatting with y’all! Anyways, thank you for reading today. Hope you have an awesome rest of your week xo

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