September’s n0tes


Happy October everyone: it’s finally the most wonderful time of the year! Also, time to go over what goals I accomplished last month…

Dresses & accessories

I got in the first of a few options for my reception dresses this month ^ this pretty white lace one. I also brought my bridal shower dress in for alterations & bought the shoes for it. I had to call the Louboutin in SOHO to order them over the phone cause they didn’t have my size available online lol

Almost the end of wedding planning

Along with the header image of this blog post (which is one of our honeymoon destinations), these are some of the final preparations we’ve been making ^ getting the seating arrangements finalized, favors bundled together, rentals on the books, etc.

Skin & mental health

I wanted to try a different brand of personalized skincare ^ but I haven’t had the guts to try it this close to the wedding…just in case it doesn’t work out (like Typology). I’ve found a few random brands whose products together have really been helping clear up my skin or at least make the texture a lot smoother lately. I’ve also officially tried therapy & almost gotten a real diagnosis. My counselor on Better Help said she thinks I don’t have OCD, but could possibly have OCPD with intrusive thoughts & death anxiety. She wants me to get tested by a professional in person so I’m able to have that diagnosis & know for sure. I want that too, so for now I’m stopping my counseling on the app & I’ll be looking for an office that can provide me that singular service. Phew!

Little teaser

We went to the fair! We went again today! We’re going again tomorrow! My feet & legs hurt haha but it’s been so fun (: we’re making up for not being able to have gone last year since they didn’t host it during the pandemic. Honestly, the best tradition ❤

Do you have any special traditions with your significant other? Friends? Family? Things you do that’re unique? Events you attend every year that’re different or just close to your heart in general? Let me know in the comments! I would love to chat about it ^-^

Thanks so much for reading today! I wish you all the best spooky season & I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend xo

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