Paws awws


Here come the cutie pies ^-^ enjoy the pics!


The goodest boy ^ still being a crybaby even though I’m feeding him twice daily again… sometimes I think he just does it cause he misses Justin when he’s at work lol but it really calms him down to wear his clothes (:


One sneaky shot of our sleepy gorl ^ she’s been very elusive this past month, wanting to face backwards in her mailbox or just hide in the leaves where I can’t get a good photo of her pretty self. Hopefully soon tho…

The geese

So cute ^ look at all of the sweet lil babies (:

Our Destiny

Monthly photo of our sponsored cow ❤ can’t wait to finally go see her next month! It’s coming up so soon now ~ how exciting!!!

Hope these brought some joy to your day & a smile to your face. Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great rest of your week xo

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