The state fair is back!


We didn’t get to attend last year because it wasn’t hosted, but this year we went three days in a row! Thursday, Friday (afternoon/evening), and Saturday (afternoon/evening).

State Fair look

The first day’s forecast was sunny & 75 which turned out feeling warmer than expected ^ but I wore this thin, short-sleeved sweater with jeans & boots. I also brought an overshirt for when the sun went down that I just kept wrapped around my waist until it got chilly enough. Justin wore classic plaid (:


We saw the pigeons in the bird tent ^ CUTE!

Brown cow

Saw this big sweetheart in the cattle tent ^ melted our hearts. Always wanna take the cows home with us when we go to the fair…

Baby born

Speaking of melting hearts ^ we really came on the best of days! A little calf was just born the morning of the Thursday we decided to go. It was so small & adorable ❤ amazing ❤

More cows

Hands down my favorite part of the fair ^ has to be the cows…just look at how funny they are. I feel like they really do each have their own unique personalities, like dogs (:

Even more cows

Yes, gotta have a lot of photos of our favorite part ^ even the art pieces! Love those too lol

Close to cows

Similar, but not quite ^ Longhorns, donkeys, statues, etc. we saw it all! We spent the whole day at the fair Thursday, but only came back the next two days in the afternoon/evenings. I’ll probably separate those two days’ photos into another post…

Other critters

All the other animals we saw the first day ^

Lots of fun

Art, food, drinks, and more ^ everything the fair has to offer! You see why we wanted to come back for more than just that first day?

First day finished

I’ll be back with more photos from our fair weekend adventure! I hope you enjoyed what I had to share from our first day back. So glad to be continuing this tradition again!

Thanks so much for reading & supporting my blog. I hope you’ll join me here Tuesday for more State Fair content. Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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