M0oOre fair


Back at ya with the following days of state fair photos to share! More plants & animals to see, rides to scream on & food to enjoy…

And I oop-

Second day called for more comfortable shoes ^ definitely needed the hair up for this one as well & obviously brought back our Tiki Tea jug to keep getting those $1 refills (:

Oh gourdy

Big pumpkins, long ones ^ we saw them all! Winners & losers (they were all winners in our eyes) alike under the horticultural tent.

Ending day 2

We managed to catch the Ferris wheel at the tail end of the evening ^ the line took a half hour to get through. Worth the experience (:

Fried start

Day 3 began with fried pickles & mozzarella ^ which were both perfectly delicious thanks to the very lightweight breading/batter. Such a good treat to get at the fair! Starting strong

Gotta do it

We couldn’t help but stop by the animal tents again on our final day ^ we also had to walk out to the car to drop off some of our haul we’d bought in the main building. Being my birthday month…got some goodies

Rides & goodbyes

We rode the carousel ^ the scrambler (my favorite), then took a final walk around the grounds to see what was still open. We found this dope little gem shop that had this stellar Buddha statue made of molded amber, but it was $175 oof we did get some nice things for ourselves from there though! The quesadilla stand was thankfully still making food & omg did these slap! Best yet (:

I think going three days made up for the fair not being open/up last year. It was super fun & an awesome tradition we have. I already can’t wait for next year! I hope you enjoyed the photos I had to share with you all & I hope you have a great rest of your week xo

2 thoughts on “M0oOre fair

    1. Aww I would love to have some dope amber stuff eventually, they’re just rare & pricey! Now I’ll def have to try a fried peach if I can find a stand that has one next year ^-^ good suggestion, thanks

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