Quarter-century queen


My turn to have a birthday post & yes, I turned 25 this year too! On October 3rd of all infamous Libra days as well lol I know everybody loves a good Mean Girls quote 😉


We drove two hours out to Lynchburg to this aquarium/petting zoo place called Seaquest ^ it’s really cool & they have a few more locations if you Google them. This was just the closest one to us. We’ve been once before, but they had some stricter restrictions last time we came like everyone having to wear masks & some of the animals not being allowed to be handled/touched…

Water creatures

I love petting the stingrays ^ gotta be one of my favorite parts about coming to places like this where you can have these unique interactions with the animals! They’re so soft & cute. You can even feed them at Seaquest. If you haven’t done it before, it’s something I highly recommend. It’ll put a smile on your face for sure ~ just look at theirs! Adorable (:


One of the things we didn’t get to do last time was interact with the Capybaras ^ they were just having an off day, but this day (thankfully) they were just fine! Calm even- we got to feed them & rub their bellies like dogs lol they were so sweet. I want one now

Savannah cats

Another thing we didn’t get to experience last time were the Savannah cats ^ this was due to restrictions. We still had to wear masks while we were in with them because cats can transmit viruses, but we didn’t mind. We were just glad we got to see them! They were so beautiful & very well-behaved for being partially wild. One was more than the other, both were female & they loved to love on each other like cats tend to do haha

Blue ribbon babies

Stars of the show ^ I tried to snap photos of as many gorgeous critters as I could, but there’s a lot to see there! We wanna go back again cause it really seems like a new experience each time. Definitely worth it ❤

Dinner & drinks

We ate at Red Lobster for the convenience that it was right across from the mall that Seaquest is located in ^ the drinks were so massive we actually couldn’t even finish them (there’s a first for everything)…but the food was excellent as always lol cheers 25!

Thanks so much for joining me today for my belated birthday post. I hope you enjoyed all the animal pictures & my goofy smile. I love doing stuff like this to celebrate getting older cause it’s kids stuff & I’m really just a big kid still, no matter how old I get (: if you are too- leave me a comment letting me know what you’d do on your next birthday if you had unlimited funds for your celebration. Cheers to you all, my supporters. Hope you guys have an amazingly wonderful weekend xo

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