Bride-t0-be in blue


I had my bridal shower the second weekend of this month! My wonderful maid of honor hosted such a lovely event & I’m delighted to share it with you all today. Here’re the pics (:


Face beat & buckled in ^ ready to go to my party for me! I need to invest in contour lol

What’s on the menu?

I was so excited that the painted water glass matched my dress, I had to take a photo ^ but the food here @ FoodE was delicious! We had a brunch type meal that was off a curated menu just for our group event. It was really nice. I would honestly love to go back & have just a regular meal there too (:

Gifts & snaps

I had to snap photos of the decor & the sweet gifts Kaila had put together for me (favors for the guests too) ^ of course I had my photo taken a few times in the restaurant as well. I loved the vibe in there…so chill ❤

Shower on shower

Fittingly enough it was sprinkling when we all came out of the building ^ luckily Justin was there with my umbrella to save the day! My dress is from Selkie btw & it’s super comfy, flowy, light, and just all-around perfect for a feeling-yourself/princess event like this. I want one in every color/pattern 😉

I was blown away by the generosity & thoughtfulness of my friends & family with the cards & gifts they gave ❤ everyone was so beautiful. I wish we could’ve all spent the entire day together tbh but hey- that’s what the wedding is for! It’s in less than a month now & I couldn’t be more happy, excited, ready!!! Are you guys ready? I’m so looking forward to sharing even more of this journey with you all & the honeymoon is going to be epic. Just you wait. Anyways, thank you so much for reading today. You know it means the world to me & I hope you have a spectacular rest of your week xo

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