6th anniversary


Yesterday, on the 21st, Justin & celebrated 6 years together as a couple! Next month we’ll have a new anniversary to start celebrating when we get married on the 12th *exciting*

Apple red

My outfit for the day was a Cherry Bomb baby tee, this oversized crop sweatshirt w/ rolled up skinny jeans & my pair of Comme Des Garçons high top Converse plus some big ole Quay sunnies to top off the look ❤

Pumpkin picks

We got our haul of pumpkins for the season ^ a couple to carve, a few for decorating outside, and some even smaller ones to put inside too! We even picked out two bundles of those multi-colored, dried corn stalks (:


They had a food truck: Burger Bus ^ at the top of the mountain the day we went & the food was actually really good. Not too bad price-wise either. We of course got cider + a cider slushie! You can really see my new tattoo (under the existing Dream House one) in these photos. It’s almost fully healed now.

Apples acquired

We got em ^ we went for Granny Smith & Jonagold this go around. This late in the season the only other pick-your-own’s left besides those two were Winesap & Fuji. The ones we picked will be perfect in pies! It was so nice walking through the orchard again & reminiscing about years past…like our engagement there last year & many more years ago when Justin first asked me out ❤

Cherry Bomb

These tiny apples growing looked like cherries, so I asked Justin to take some random photos of me standing in front of them ^ I think they came out so good! The lighting makes my hair look really brown (:

Our day together was so wonderful. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better partner to spend my life with & I’m so looking forward to officially beginning that journey in less than a month from now even though we’ve been “practicing” for 6 years already. If people were ever made for each other, I know we were. Happy anniversary, Justin!

Thank you for reading & supporting my blog today. I hope you enjoyed all the fall fun in this post. Have you been doing an autumn activities lately? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat with you guys about stuff like that. As always, I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead of you xo

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