Ipsy f0r Oct0ber


I’ve been looking forward to this one as it’s my favorite month. Autumn things in general, but even better when it’s spooky season stuff! Let’s check it out together…

The bag & the mix

Ok, we all have to agree: coolest bag ever, right? ^ the black lips, the fangs, the little pops of lime green throughout, and that iconic lipstick zipper with the Ipsy logo. Now the items I received…not so great. At least, not the best I’ve seen or what I expected to come in such an epic bag I guess. But let’s take a closer look at them all individually…

Chasin’ Rabbits mindful bubble cleanse

I received my bag too late to try any of the products from it ^ but I’m not a huge fan of getting cleansers each month. This one does seem nice, I have to admit. Gel & foaming cleansers usually work best on my skin (:

Pacifica Beauty blush + highlight duo in fire lit and glimmer shimmer

I don’t wear blush & this highlight looks too dark for me ^ but the brand is natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. So I’m sure I could make good use of both of these shades as eye shadows. Which one do you like better? ❤

Seraphine Botanicals camelina + strobe luminizing primer in peach glow

This is the product I chose to go in my bag this month ^ I hope it’s as lovely as the packaging makes it look! Excited to try it!

Sugar Cosmetics tipsy lips moisturizing balm in mojito

Thanks a lot, Ipsy ^ I love myself a good lip balm, but unfortunately, my lips/mouth area is very sensitive to mint. So much so that I have to use children’s fruit-flavored toothpaste (it’s awful). This will be passed…

The Rerum Natura the body cream

Another thing I’m sensitive with ^ lotions & scents apparently…I’ll actually try this one, but I’m still worried I won’t be able to use it

So this bag was kind of a flop, but at least it’s eye-catching enough to be reusable! What do you guys think October’s mix? Let me know in the comments. Thank you all as always for reading/supporting & hopefully after November or in the new year, I’ll be back to doing the try ons at the ends of these posts. Lemme know if that’s what you guys prefer! Have a really great rest of your week xo

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