Oct0ber fav0rites


I got my new tattoo! I’ll be showing fresh photos from the day-of below & more of my favorites from this past month (which I can’t believe is already almost over) in today’s post. I’m so excited to share these with you!

Newest addition

The cosmos & lily of the valley crossed at their stems make a beautiful garden under my first tattoo ^ my birth flower & a symbol of Persephone together under my Dream House. I love this even more now & I’m so glad I was able to fit it in in time to have it all healed up before I get married in just a few short weeks from now! Justin has been my supporter through the past 6 years of our lives together & we’re so looking forward to this newest chapter of adventures too ❤


So many great eats this month ^ from those classic Panera soups on a chilly fall afternoon, mozzarella sticks just cause you can, Freshly meals delivered each week, crab dip & delicious salmon out at a brewery in Charlottesville, the seasonal Oreo flavors, a good ole cannoli, to a refreshingly fresh chicken panini from Jason’s Deli mm-hmm!


Some stuff I had ordered online months ago ^ like these neons! Some stuff we hauled in from actual stores, like that bear mug that’s super adorable I wanna drink out of it every day. Some (most) of it…we really didn’t need

Baby Yoda

I probably should’ve remembered to take photos daily like I took care of this plant daily ^ but look how well it’s grown! I’m so happy bc I’ve heard some people say they haven’t had much success with theirs & this was the first one Justin & I had ever done (:

The extras

Justin is always a favorite, let’s be real ^ look at him. We found an Evergreen shipping container & just had to…for the meme! A photo of me “sleeping” cause I AM TIRED lol

I hope you enjoyed a look back at what I was loving in October. We literally just started decorating tonight for Halloween. Justin is hosting an event tomorrow, so it’s nice that I get to wear my expensive (and partially DIYed) costume more than once. I can’t wait for you guys to see it in its entirety! What are you dressing up for/doing for Halloween? Let me know in the comments cause it’s my favorite holiday/time of the year in general. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today & hopefully read (: I appreciate your support. As always, I hope you have a wonderful (spooky) weekend xo

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