I obviously took some much-needed time away from the blog to decompress after our wedding & honeymoon, but I’m very happy to be back sharing some exciting photos with you all today! We heard some unfortunate news from our photographer that our photos will take close to another month from now, but understandably we got the largest package available/we were their last event of the year/they were there with us for approximately 12 hours that day…so we’re 100% sure they’ll be worth the extra wait lol I do have the sneak peek photos he shared on socials to show you guys in this post & also a bunch of photos I took myself the day before when my bridesmaids & I were helping set up, then stayed at the venue overnight. Keep reading on if you wanna see

Rehearsal dinner (& dessert)

Everything was happening so fast, I didn’t even realize I never got photos of my hair/makeup/outfit this evening ^ but this was actually the Wednesday night before our wedding. We ate at this lovely bistro right down the road from the venue & everyone loved it. Then we drove over to have the ceremony rehearsal after which went super well, quick & easy. Just a wonderful time ❤


The Queen Elizabeth suite is where my sister & I would be spending the night before the wedding, where all of us girls would be getting our hair/makeup done the morning of the wedding (it has a huge bathroom/closet space), and also where Justin & I would be spending our wedding night. It was so big, bright, and beautiful… I never wanted to leave! I’m so glad that my girls (& the hair & makeup vendors) loved it just as much as I did. Definitely worth it to stay ^-^

Setting up & walking the grounds

While we were there (since noon), we decided to pitch in helping set up as much as we could ahead of time ^ that meant putting out decor, favors, all the stuff I had brought with me from home that had been taking up like half the space in our house for a year lol

At around 1pm I started noticing a horrible pain in my throat & at first I thought it could’ve been due to dust from cleaning at home the past couple of days, but then I was like “no, it wouldn’t just hit me now…” then I realized- there’s so many flowers here & there’s weird greenery I’ve probably not been exposed to too often. That’s gotta be what’s bothering me. Of course it would be that, the gorgeous decorations I specifically chose decide to turn on me! Because I needed to have a voice in the morning, I made sure to pick up some emergency allergy meds when we went out to dinner that night. Before we left, we went out back & took in the view that was the “outside venue” where people can get married if they aren’t worried about weather things, etc.

Mellow + Adult cards

We got whatever we wanted at Mellow Mushroom bc it’s the night before my wedding & we’re the bridal party ^ I indulged in the hummus of course. When we got back to our respective rooms, we all got ready for bed & then met back up in the bigger suite to play this game that I had got for us called “For The Girls” appropriately. Inappropriate where some of the cards! It was hilarious & super fun to break the ice a little more since my sister & my two best friends didn’t know each other that well before all of this. I think everybody had a good time & we went to sleep around 12ish

More BTS

These were the only photos I snuck in the morning of the wedding ^ then I literally didn’t have my phone on me the rest of the day! I honestly can’t wait to see the professional photographers images…


These are from my friend Shannon’s phone ^ I was just being goofy with her, so don’t take my face in these too seriously lol I just wanted to show y’all a little bit better quality photos of my dress/makeup/hair/jewelry since I had to pull the sneak peek photos from socials the quality isn’t the highest. The media manager at the venue did get a few good snaps before everything got started though! I’ll share those with you guys first:

Venue BTS

So I never even saw this person taking photos, but we saw them on Instagram after ^ totally dope! Our photographer was actually across that giant table from me in that last photo (in the green room). He had taken a similar photo with only Justin & wanted to get one with just me too. Very excited to see how those come out! Eeeeee!

We did it!

We’re married! Everyone loved our vows which is like the best compliment we could’ve received & I didn’t even know how that would feel until people started telling us, but it’s just so heartwarming to know that so many people were really paying attention & cared enough to say something. The music was magical, the flowers were obviously so dreamy, and everything I was envisioning truly came to life that day/night. I couldn’t have imagined a better time ❤

I look forward to sharing more photos with you all when we receive them. I’m also waiting to send our thank-you notes with a nice, printed photo of us in there…so I’m sure all our guests are waiting with baited breath like “man, they really hated our gift, huh?” LOL so they’ll all be hybrid Christmas cards at that point too! Like the slightly late photos, not every detail went off without a hitch…our smaller, secondary cake was delivered to the wrong venue & that venue never said anything. We found out about this only after the fact when we contacted the bakery to ask why our cake never showed up at our wedding. We were refunded, given a gift card, and told she would remake it for us at any time at our request (so hello Valentine’s Day cake). I’ll insert a photo of what it would’ve looked like had it been on our head table that night:

Oh well

Perfectly in color theme, but it’ll be nice to have something so fancy for another occasion ^ just glad it wasn’t our main cake that didn’t find its way there! We also had 9 guests whose chairs remained empty throughout the ceremony & reception who never informed us beforehand that they wouldn’t be attending. So there was an entire table at dinner that was straight up empty. I was definitely more upset about that than a little side cake…especially considering how many people did let us know in advance they wouldn’t be able to make it. Which I think was about 9 as well. Even though those people still told us literally the week before the wedding so we couldn’t remove them from the guest count. If any of you are getting married soon or are planning a wedding soon, I encourage you to have a cushion of about $5k ($10k if it’s a larger or more expensive/extravagant wedding) for people who RSVP & don’t show up/cancel last minute. It’s very frustrating…

My ladies

These pretties were so perfect the whole day & danced with me all night ^ I got to hang out more with my sister’s friend Jordan who I sat at the head table with us. It was overall a blast of a party! We ended it with a feather fall last dance which was so messy & the most fun way to finish off the night AND Justin wanted a sparkler send-off, so you know we had a sparkler send-off (& we have so many leftover now cause by that time of night there was barely anyone left to say goodbye). It was our ride-or-die’s left standing at the end of the night with us ❤

Of course we had said goodbyes to older family members earlier in the evening & friends with prior commitments, but it was so nice to see people like my friend Paige from high school who had traveled from Tennessee stay until the end. Truly a night to remember, memories to cherish, and a love to last a lifetime. No matter how cheesy 😉

Thank you guys so much for sticking with me through this long post about our wedding. I can’t wait to share honeymoon photos with y’all very soon! Cows, wolves, big gingerbread houses- OH MY (: until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend xo

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