Just s0me wedding ph0t0s


Popping in today to say Happy New Year to y’all & quickly share a bundle of our professional wedding pictures (yes, we finally received them)! I hope you like them!

Details & flatlays

Love these shots ^ was very excited to see how these would come out cause the team of photographers kept taking all our little items to snap photos of while we were getting ready. Also, the empty/fully-set up ceremony space just looks so gorgeous with the florals!

Getting ready + glamour shots

These are just the morning of & then the photos of me by myself (some were taken before the ceremony, others afterwards) ❤

We’re married!

The ceremony was everything we could’ve dreamed ^ so beautiful! The music, the officiant’s words, our vows & rings…the flowers (again), and everyone in our wedding party’s outfits looking STUNNING!

The post-ceremony photoshoot

These were my faves from all the pictures taken of the whole crew & then just us as a couple immediately after the ceremony ❤

Let the reception begin

Introductions went smoothly ^ we had our first dance, parents’ dances, then speeches/toasts, and it was onto dinner. Let’s party (:

Fun til the last minute

Cake cutting (even though it was still half frozen, so we kinda slid our slice out as crumbs haha) ^ bouquet + garter tosses, last dance under falling feathers for the ultimate Reign wedding aesthetic. Then to top it all off – Justin got the sparkler send off he wanted!

I hope you enjoyed a look back at our wedding through some of the photos we got from our incredible photographer! We received close to 800 pictures in total from probably around 4000 he (& his crew) was snapping that whole day. He really put in work & I’m so glad that we had him take our engagement photos beforehand…so we knew we liked the outcome ahead of time. If you’re in this stage of wedding planning, that’s something I’d def recommend. Choose your photographer super wisely. It’s immensely important, especially if you don’t plan/want to have a videographer. These are your memories! They should be high quality & you don’t want them to miss a single thing!

Thank you very much for joining me today with these very special images ❤ maybe I’ll catch y’all again on Friday! I’m gonna try to be better about posting again, but Ipsy’s been testing me lately lol if that helps explain why I’ve been slacking on those lately…not on my “schedule” or my “series” anymore. Oh well. It’s my blog & I’ll figure out what I wanna do with it in 2022 sometime or another (: I just appreciate all of y’all that’re sticking with me through the journey! Have a wonderful week to you xo

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