January g0als


I know this is a little late in the month to be setting or saying my goals, but I just wanted to share with you all what I’ve been brainstorming lately.

There’s a few things I don’t wanna go into February without having done…

Today, I checked one of the big ones off my list & that was leaving reviews for all of our wedding vendors. You might be asking “didn’t you guys get married in November?” & yes, it’s already been a while, but I wanted to have all our photos first cause I don’t like to leave a review without at least one image. I also have been catching up on other things in the new year, so I just now got around to doing it. I’m glad I did though. I feel like it’s not looming over me anymore!

Another thing I need to do is write out our thank-you notes to wedding guests, print out photos from the wedding, and mail all of that stuff out by the end of this month. The printing & cutting of photos is going to be the most time-consuming cause writing out cards isn’t too difficult, but I’m glad I’m not paying a company to do it…never know how those big machines are gonna print lol

Last wedding-related item on the to-do list is to fill out & mail out all my name-change paperwork to finally have my last name changed over to Justin’s. It’s not a rush or anything, I’ve just been lazy & haven’t gotten it done yet. I know there will be way more I’ll have to do than just the paperwork that came in the folder I ordered & that’s what’s most daunting to me. Oof

We desperately need a larger planter for our money tree that’s on our kitchen table currently. It’s wilting & leaning so bad cause I’m sure it’s roots are just being crushed in it’s tiny pot right now. We haven’t had time to go to Home Depot or anything recently, so that’s another priority. Sooner rather than later cause I don’t want it getting worse than it is ):

Last thing probably won’t get done this month if the texts I got from my friends today have anything to say about it- I wanted to get everyone’s Christmas gifts to them, but up north’s getting more snow than us & lil Olivia has been sick (poor thing). So it’ll at least be February, if not even later than that!

I’m sorry for no photos in this post ~ very off brand ~ but I’m gonna get all my late Ipsy’s together & take photos of everything soon to get a just-like-old-times post together for you guys. I like this one post per week thing, but who knows what I’ll stick to if even a schedule at all this year. I’m just doing me (:

Wishing everyone well. Enjoy your week xo

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