January faves


Just wanted to pop in here real quick to share a few favorites with you all at the end of this first month of 2022! Hope you enjoy!

Winter weather

Header photo was my Instagram top 9 ^ this was our first big snow of the year! We got around 7-8 inches & then it snowed a few more times since then, but none as much as that day. We got a “nice” new welcome mat that might not have the most welcoming message on it which I think is pretty funny. We also got a few recommendations for a Chinese restaurant down the road to try & they gave us this 2022 scroll calendar. Cool!

Purple & new

Nails & a wreath ^ put on this long set from Marmalade & got this hydrangea/grapes(?) wreath from Target.com ~ love how it looks!


Rowan on the couch/in my lap ^ and more of my short haircut! I don’t think she’s ever seen tv before based on how mesmerized she seemed to be when watching it from the couch/my lap. She only stayed there for a few minutes, but during those she was already kneading! We’ve been bringing her back every few nights to try to get her used to it & maybe someday she’ll come on her own. I got a Brazilian blowout the other day & had my stylist cut some face-framing pieces in the front. I think it looks so good! Really loving this new look for me & yes, I still wanna see what it looks like with makeup/see the difference. I like w/ glasses!

That’s all for my mini-faves post. Hope it was good for ya! Thank you for reading & supporting my blog. I’m still trying to work to wrangle together that 3-in-1 Ipsy post from the last few months. Hopefully that’ll be the first post for February. Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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