H0w life’s been


I haven’t been super active on my blog as of late, but I’ve really been getting a lot done as far as knocking out goals set for myself, etc.

The big five-oh-oh

Although, I did hit this major milestone on my blog the other week ^ crazy to think I’ve posted that many times on here! Half of 1k!

Eating better, eating more

Trying to gain back the weight I lost over the last year or so has been proving a challenge ^ but it isn’t one I can’t handle or plan to quit. We made a wonderful beef stew with vegetables in the slow cooker. I’ve been continuing to snack throughout the day as much as I can & I’m getting back into the swing of making my favorite breakfast sandwich: avocado on a toasted English muffin with a microwaved egg in the middle

Gifts- for me & us

Never forget to treat yourself ^ even when it’s the little things, like cute hair clips for Valentine’s Day! Or a hilarious bath bomb… I also got Justin & I this tea set for the new year cause it has some of our faves in it ❤

Stinky girl

Our sweetheart Rowan is doing so well ^ we’ve got her up on the couch again for a few minutes the other day & she was being so adorable, purring so loud. I know she’s still getting used to being out of her own room, but we’re hoping the more we bring her out…the more likely she’ll come out on her own even quicker. She’s just so cute (:

I hope you all enjoyed these random lil tidbits from my life lately. I’ll try to put together a more cohesive update soon, but we’re doing well & having a great 2022 so far. I hope you all are too! Thank you for reading & supporting ~ enjoy your week xo

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