Spoiling my hairstyle right off the bat lol for Valentine’s Day, I decided to crimp my short hair for the first time. What do you guys think of it? I wanted to do something a little different & kind of fancy for this special day

Wedding-colors cake

This was originally supposed to be our “groom’s cake” at our wedding ^ but the people at the bakery delivered it to the wrong venue & then the venue didn’t tell them it wasn’t their cake (nice), so as a sorry they made it for us again whenever we wanted. I thought it would be sweet for Valentine’s Day & even though it is for sure…it’s still way too big for 2 people lol

More treats

I got Justin this tea collab ^ as a V-day gift & he really liked it! I was glad cause when I saw it in my email, I got all excited & then read the flavors…and knew I wouldn’t like it. I still wanted to get it though. He also got these chocolates as a free gift with his Tiffany order for me, so I had the hazelnut one since I don’t like caramel. It was tasty!

Crimped & proper

It was pretty quick & easy ^ besides the awkward way of holding the waver on the opposite side of my head/my shoulder pain, but because my hair is so much shorter…it was way less painful to style. I like it a lot (:

Bath time

If this bath bomb from Lush is still available or if they sell it next year for Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend it ^ it’s way bigger than their normal bath bombs & smells so much stronger. It makes your bath super dark purple ~ it’s also very silky smooth on the skin, but it does have glitter in it if you don’t like that. We got these floating lights to use so we could close the curtain to keep the water warmer for a longer amount of time

Movie too!

We also watched the new movie “Book of Love” with Sam Claflin. We both really enjoyed it. A cute rom-com for V-day ❤

What did you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments (: I love chatting with you guys. Thanks so much for reading & supporting my blog as always. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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