R0wan’s pr0gress


I wanted to share the progress our adopted kitty cat has made in the past few weeks…

On my lap again

This time, without a blanket ^ on our new couch! She was super calm & didn’t try to leave or run away. She seemed very comfy!

Sitting by herself

Suddenly, she got off my lap & I thought she was just ready to go back to her room ^ but when she just sat there in front of me, I was in total disbelief! She was being so good ❤

Sitting next to me

Then, she decided to just pop a squat right next to me on the couch ^ it was such a normal thing for a cat to do, but it was such a big leap in progress for her! I was so happy

In the kitchen

Scoping out the rooms more ^ she was randomly “loafed” on the mat in the kitchen the other day. Just like Oscar used to do… (‘:

Testing them all out

Then later on, I found her on a different kitchen mat ^ guess she was Goldilocks-ing!

Just a few more

She’s even getting used to/liking Justin brushing her more ^ I knew she’d come out of her shell eventually & we’re so proud ❤

Thanks for reading ~ I’ll try to keep you guys updated! I love sharing pictures of her, obviously. Hope you all enjoy them too (:

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