Ride the wave


I’m getting a haircut this Friday, so I’m gonna share some of the hairstyles I’ve done recently with y’all! I hope you like them (:

The team

These are the products I’ve been using most lately ^ to heal & style my “new” hair. I had them personally tailored to my hair type on Prose’s website & I’ve really been enjoying them. They smell lovely as well! Recommend


I’ve had to learn the new way my hair works ^ meaning that I need to wash it more often. I covered up the day before I had to wash it with a ball cap & actually liked the look of it!


This was how my hair looked after using a crimping/waver tool on it ^ probably my favorite way to wear it other than naturally


I used a curling wand for the first time with this haircut ^ I didn’t think it looked/turned out as good as the crimped style because the bottom half was very bulky. That’s mainly why I want to get it cut shorter this time…


Here’s an edit I threw together ^ just to see what it would look like at this shoulder-length that I want to have it cut on Friday. I’m also going to have a consultation with my stylist about highlights or a balayage…

Looking forward to sharing the results with y’all very soon! Thanks for reading today (:

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