M0re R0wan


Bringing you joy this Friday by sharing some more photos of our sweet, shy girl *ROWAN*

Kitchen bed

I moved this bed we got her into the kitchen since she’d been exploring more in there & even sitting/laying on the mats lately ^ she’s very much enjoying having it in there now!

Her bed

She still sleeps in “her” bed every night in her room ^ the one we got from the lady from the animal shelter. It must have the most of her smell on it since she’d already slept in it so many times before we got her…

Just like Oscar

Something about these Waterhog mats from L.L. Bean ^ the cats just love laying on them

Her new spot?

We thought this was hilarious when we first saw her up there ^ but apparently, it’s a normal thing for cats to do when there’s a top/lid on the litter box. They just like it lol

I hope this was a good way to start your weekend! I always like looking at photos of her & showing them to people as well ❤

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