The g00d stuff


A sort of favorites kind of post for y’all on this fabulous Friday evening. I hope these photos are a ray of positivity on your feed!


Justin & his drinky drink ^ making him a sleepy after our dinner date last month. Of course the quick gelato stop we made that I mentioned in my previous post ~ YUMMY ~

Rowan exploring

She went from laying on top of her litter box to laying on top of her box of litter ^ what a silly girl! She’s def getting more used to being around us when we aren’t in her room. She’s coming out into the living room more often & laying down to show us her belly…so we know she feels comfortable (:

Speaking of

The living room is slowly but surely coming together ^ I cleared it of a lot of its clutter today & added the new table runner onto the coffee table. I think it looks really nice! It’ll be even better when we get the new entertainment center in & we can put up the new bookshelf we already have built (& secure it to the wall). Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll have a spot for the table lamp in this newer setup…unless it goes on top of the heater? But that might just look too weird.


I’m loving these nails from Dashing Diva ^ they’re the Magic Press “Sweet Daisy” set. My newest tattoo is healed! You might have seen some previous photos in my last post, but these are more recent (actually from today). I had the artist use a light grey ink to outline their bodies & then she did the wings in white ~ lil angel wings for my good boys ❤

That’s all for today! I hope it was a good enough read & nice on the eyes at least. Thanks as always for reading & supporting the blog. Have a wonderful weekend xo

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