List 0f l0ves


I’ve got some more favorites to share with you guys today! Also, just stuff I’ve been getting up to lately. Spring is officially HERE

Drinks + desserts

I’ve been loving making little lattes for myself recently ^ also been craving cookies constantly…got my hands on some Girl Scout cookies even! Def recommend the Smart Water with tangerine flavor. It’s so good (:


So I didn’t love the face mask (mainly cause it didn’t fit my face at all), but the effects the serum left on my skin felt lovely ^ very excited to test out the new makeup bits soon!

New clothes; new hair

I’ll be posting more photos of my new hair in a future blog ^ but I wanted to just tease it here. I got my first ever balayage & we went for a copper moment. I love it! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments…

Small changes

Since getting the new couch (finally), we’ve been slowly but surely transforming the living room to its final form ^ I finally hung this cow painting that perfectly fits the color scheme of the room. It looks so nice! Since we got new sheets recently, I figured why not top it off with a new comforter & try out a duvet cover for the first time. We like it so far. What do you guys think of our new bedding set up? One of my goals this month is to read Atomic Habits with Justin. We’re going to read two more chapters tonight…

How’s your April going so far? You excited for the start of spring-going into summer? Or do you prefer the colder months (like me)? Talk to me in the comments! Thanks for reading & always supporting the blog. I hope you have a lovely rest of your week xo

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