Hair flair f0r spring


I’ll be sharing tons of selfies in today’s post…just a fair warning lol this was my first ever balayage & I only got a partial since my hair is quite short now. I also chose to keep it very warm, opting for a more coppery tone!

The process

I was a smooth, pain-free process ^ this was the first time having bleach on my hair & not feeling scared lol I knew I was in capable hands! I had showed her a few inspo pics I pulled from my Pinterest board & she got to mixing the toner. We were both so excited (:


These are the photos she took right in the salon at the end of my appointment ^ they’re a bit dark in the artificial lighting, but I have plenty more in better lighting to show you…

Blowing in the breeze

Here you can see the slightly lighter tones ^ it was a cloudy day, but there’s definitely a noticeable difference from my natural color

Home sweet home

I like taking photos in front of our pretty wreath ^ but it was getting a little late, so the porch light makes one side of my head look super orange lol you still get a better idea of the end result in these photos! What do you all think? Let me know in the comments ❤

Better lighting

A sunnier day ^ locks looking very auburn…

Lamp lighting

Indoor, living room light ^ nice & warm to go with my new hair! It had been a few days at this point & it was starting to get a bit flat

With glasses

As much as I want to get a new pair of glasses, especially since I had an eye exam recently ^ these old ones go well with my balayage! I think they really complement each other. I was also wearing gold jewelry in all of these photos, but I switched to silver since posting & I’m not sure which looks better with this new hair color/tone. Lemme know your thoughts in the comments pls!

Kamon “edits”

I put the quotes cause it’s just a camera app ^ but it still gives the coolest effects to your photos & even if you can’t choose them (they’re random for each photo), I think that makes it that much more fun to play around with! I took these the day I got my hair done, so it looks super fresh even if you can’t tell the color is any different cause of the filters

I’m even more in love with this fresh pop of warmth now that I’ve washed my hair & let it air dry at home/myself. I’ll share those photos soon as well…probably in a future post to give y’all a break from my face lol

Are you making any changes for the season? Let me know, I’d love to chat about it with you. Thank you so much for reading & I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xo

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