New nighttime skincare r0utine


I’m back to give you all the other half of my skincare routine: the nighttime ritual! I have two separate groups of product I’ll use depending on how thorough I want/need to be with my skin. I’ll explain further below…

The holy grail?

As I spoke about in my previous post, redness is my biggest skin issue ^ so when I first heard about this mask, I wanted to try it right away. While I didn’t notice an immediate reduction in redness what I did see was how clear & smooth my skin looked after one use: it truly is clarifying! Now, this is the beginning of my more thorough routine & I def don’t use this every night. It’s a treat for sure, kind of like a spa treatment at home…I’ll leave it on for 15 minutes & then gently wipe it away with a wet washcloth (using very warm water). I’ve found that my skin handles this very well (:

Best for breakouts

This is the second step in my more thorough routine ^ I’ll apply this oil onto my entire face to soothe any breakouts I may have at the time & to reduce the risk of any others getting worse or coming to the surface in general. It works better than any other acne products I’ve used before & you only need a few drops- a little goes a long way with this!


Keeping the theme of matching colors of products ^ not that I did it on purpose, but apparently resveratrol works super well with salicylic acid (which is a main ingredient in the previous oil). So these pair well together, especially at night since you don’t wanna walk around in the daytime with an oily shine to your skin lol although this one is very lightweight & again, you only need a drop! I spread this one all over my face also (as soon as the previous has dried down). Then I let it dry down before next…

Perfect finisher

Finishing off my bedtime face with some eye serum ^ I use this one day & night as it doesn’t contain any caffeine like the eye balm from the same brand. The applicator is metal which always feels lovely on my under eye area, even before going to sleep (:

Tried & true

This routine has been super helpful at getting me through some really bad breakouts ^ when my skin was purging for whatever reason, this combo of products (since they’re so potent) at nighttime really did the trick of healing my skin (quickly too)

Keeping it green

Weirdly enough, in my other nighttime routine ^ after cleansing, I start with this amazing toner from one of my favorite brands. It’s a gel consistency, so you can apply it with your hands. This is for when my skin is on the right track & I don’t want/need to do anything harsh or drastic to it (:

Me again

I’ll follow it with a drop or two of this oil ^ to keep my skin looking wonderfully smooth!

Moisture is key

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued ^ but I’ve been using the last of mine up in my nighttime routine recently & it pairs super well with the other products!

Can’t forget

This eye serum again ^ it’s in either ritual I’m doing whether I’m choosing to go full spa-facial or keeping things simple. Taking care of the skin near our eyes is important!

Refresh, then bed

Sometimes, I won’t do my skincare right before I go to bed ^ so this hydrating mist is a must-have. I’ll spritz it on & then fan my face a little before I go to sleep just to get that extra bit of moisture locked in. Dew it!

Feeling fresh

Having rituals like these give positive vibes to the end of everyday no matter how the rest of the hours before were ^ do you have things you do without fail each day like that? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to chat with you about skincare, products, or anything you wanna talk about. Thanks so much for reading. Happy Earth Day & I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead xo

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